Plafonds monolithiques

Une solution de plafond monolithique

ROCKFON has revolutionised the ceiling world with the Mono Acoustic system – an innovative, seamless monolithic ceiling with high acoustic absorption.

It offers a uniform ceiling surface without visible grids or perforations. Whether inclined, flat, curved or vertical – in white or custom-colour – it also easily allows for the integration of service installations.

Edge options

The Mono Acoustic stone wool acoustic panels (40mm), available in three types, are covered with a white fleece on the visible side and, depending on the panel type, an unpainted fleece (Mono Acoustic Direct) or a high-performance membrane (HPM) (Mono Acoustic & Mono Acoustic Flecto) on the reverse. The panels are mechanically fastened to a suspended grid or directly to a soffit then a joint filler and finish render (white or colour matched on request) are applied.  

Mono Acoustic installed

Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council, United Kingdom Kaisa House,
 Puerto Venecia Shopping Centre,
Zaragoza, Spain


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